Belgian student arrested in Nicaragua after a protest against president

A Belgian student of medicine is Monday night by the police, arrested in the Central American nation of Nicaragua. The student is, according to the local press, the leader of the student movement ‘Movimiento Estudiantil 19 de Abril ” in León, a city in the west of the country, who is protesting against the regime of president Daniel Ortega.

Amaya Coppens was after her arrest and transferred to a police cell in the capital city of Managua. According to the newspaper La Prensa has Coppens the Belgian nationality. The ministry of Foreign Affairs told The Standard that it is currently still no information about the arrest. Contact is made with the consular service in Nicaragua, which is the case on the spot to figure it out.

Several leaders of the student movement told La Prensa that they first were sent to the premises of the ruling Sandinista party in Léon, and later to the cells of a police department in ” El Chipote, a prison in the capital, Managua.

Local politiebronnen say that they are suspected of ‘terrorism, imprisonment, arson, and other crimes’. The police would a firearm have found.

Protests quashed

The Belgian is the fourth leader of the student movement that picked up for the continuing protests against the regime of president Daniel Ortega. They argued in favour of for example, autonomy for the university of Leon.

It’s been months of very turbulent in the country. At the end of August be the government, the UN mission that the human rights examines the country, reported the Nicaraguan centre for human rights. The expulsion came few days after the United Nations ‘climate of fear’ in the Central American country had been sued.

30 kill

In april started protesters in Nicaragua to protest against a now undone – reform of the social security. The demonstrations concluded soon in protest against Ortega, who is accused of being the country like a dictator to lead. The suppression of the protest has to be at least 30 people killed.

Sunday came thousands to the streets in Managua to the release of political prisoners and the departure of the president.

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