Austrian journalist in Turkey was arrested

ANKARA/VIENNA – The Austrian journalist Max Zirngast is in Turkey arrested. The police stopped him Tuesday morning and asked in Ankara. Except Zirngast, several critical articles about the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, two Turkish citizens were arrested.

Max Zirngast (r.) was in Turkey arrested, possibly because he critical articles about the Turkish president Erdogan wrote.

The arrest was announced by employers of Zirngast and the Austrian ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that there is an Austrian in Turkey is picked up. “Our embassy in Ankara is already in contact with the family and the Turkish authorities.”

The left-wing magazine re:volt brought news of the arrest first. “This morning at 5 am our friend and author Max Zirngast together with other people in Ankara were arrested by the anti-terreurdepartement,” says the magazine. “Indictment, of course: Terror!!!”

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