Australian newspaper remains behind ‘racist’ cartoon of Serena Williams are

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The Herald Sun, an Australian newspaper, released Monday, a cartoon on the eruption of Serena Williams during the final of the US Open on Saturday. There was a lot of criticism on the cartoon, because people him as racist and sexist to consider.

The cartoon was drawn by Mark Knight and Monday, published in the Herald Sun. The cartoon is tennis player Serena Williams evil shown with a broken tennisraket and a pacifier. In the background, asks the referee to the winner Naomi Osaka or they Serena can’t let you win?”

There is international criticism of the cartoon. According to the National Association of Black Journalists is the cartoon ‘repulsive’ in different ways. “The cartoon depicts two non-white women very inaccurate af,” says the organization. Many find that the facial features of Williams in a racist way were drawn.

Also the image of the winner of Osaka received criticism. She is portrayed as a slim, white woman with blonde hair, while she is of Asian descent.

“The world has gone mad’

Knight himself is amazed at the fuss. According to him, the cartoon is not about race or gender, but about the behavior of Serena Williams. “The world is mad,’ he says. Also, the newspaper remains behind the cartoon. Head of News Corp Australia, Michael Miller, finds that the world is too politically correct. ‘Bad behavior in any sport must be denounced, ” tweet he.

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