Andries Tie finished after Lili and Howick-tweet

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Andries Toggle

In the light of that everything is Handles first response, the day after the decision by the secretary of state Harbers to the Armenian children Lili and Howick to let them continue. Did Harbers, after years of procedures and the recent massive controversy for their eviction on the basis of his discretionary authority. “I am surprised about the vehemence in CU circuit. The children will stay, which is nice. But through lying, cheating and blackmail, of mother. Yesterday won the grace and the lie. Harsh for people who do the right followed. And now are gone.”, he wrote.

That earned him besides a lot of likes also a storm of criticism. Then try to Toggle the Monday night again with a nuance. “Never rub a stain, but I’ll do it. The intent of my tweet. But the tone and choice of words were not good. I replace “lie, cheat, and blackmail” by “not speak the truth.”

But also this falls into the wrong earth. With terms like ’Pharisee’, ’kontedraaier’ and ’schijterig’, is the EO-presenter, hypocrisy blamed by both supporters who are disappointed that his previous statement is slowing as tegentanders find that his views are not consistent with their christian values. Also biblical texts and biblical metaphors fly him around the ears.

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