Adil El Arbi stands for the class

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Wednesday is Adil El Arbi teacher in The classroom, One program in which eight celebrities for a day teach a class zestienjarigen. Adil currently very busy with recordings in the United States, but was last school year for a class and that was for him a tremendous experience.

The young Adil was a diligent student of Latin and mathematics, which did not fit the tough image of his peers, or ‘bastards’. Yet was he also the impact of the negative image about immigrants. He goes with the young people an Schools Da Vinci in Sint-Niklaas in conversation about how they image, prejudice and discrimination can be overcome.

Adil: “I already had a couple of times for a class of teenagers stood with Black or Image, and that was always a fun experience. Still, I had doubts because I this time really les had to give. But the young people were very enthusiastic and the day flew by. They had so many interesting things to say. Eventually we would have a whole week on this theme can talk.”

Adil notes that a lot has changed since his own schooldays: “I notice that schools, especially in the cities, much more mixed than in the past. When I was growing up, you had white schools and multicultural schools. Okay, it was an interesting experience to then as the only Moroccan in a white school, but it is healthier for teens to in diverse classroom that the society reflects. Different people with different cultures and backgrounds together to create the les by the way is more interesting. Although the young people are different with different backgrounds and different opinions, they all have the same goal.”

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