Years of quarrel Sven and Ruud De Ridder takes a further

24e42107c831a0ce236aa7f79c7fea44 - Years of quarrel Sven and Ruud De Ridder takes a further

As already known, for years there had been a hair in the butter between Sven and Ruud De Ridder. Ruud is the boss of the Real Antwaarps Teater. Son Sven left the family business and founded the Sven De Ridder Company, which is a new, competitive company. The bond between Sven and his father has been soured and that has, according to Ruud everything to do with the adoption of Anke Frédéric that a few years ago by Ruud and his wife, Nicole, was adopted. Anke was a real Knight, and is also one of the heirs of Ruud De Ridder. According to Ruud has Sven always had a hard time with the fact that he is an extra sister got.

In The Last News of Monday, we read that the relationship between Ruud and his biological children after the divorce with Jane, Peter (the mother of Linda and Sven De Ridder) diluted. “The biological father of Bram and Anke resisted in no way. He just had some problems with the name change, but could still ultimately for that decision to understand. Sven on the other hand did not agree, which to me is not surprised. In a detailed description, he brought both emotional and financial concerns. The financial arguments were, of course, about the inheritance that he should share it with Bram and Anke.”

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