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U.S. Senate confirms new SEC Commissioner Roisman – opportunity for Bitcoin ETFs?

As the newest Commissioner of the securities regulator, the SEC, the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, the 5 has. In September, the President of the Trump in June nominated lawyers Elad Roisman confirmed. Roisman, who was last employed as the chief consultant to the Senate Committee on banking, crypto-currencies to as an open set. With its catchment in the management of the securities regulatory authority, the Balance shifts well in favour of the crypto-friendly group in the five-member SEC. This is likely to fuel the investors, especially the hopes of a long-awaited Bitcoin ETFs.

Two months before the US mid-term elections, the political chairs has begun back in the US securities Supervisory authority, the SEC already. On Wednesday, may 5. September, certify the U.S. Senate Elad Roisman as a new member of the five-member authority management. He replaced the in July, retired Michael Piwowar. Roisman is for the next five years jointly responsible for the fate of the SEC.

Unlike its predecessor Roisman is considered to be crypto-friend and acted as an advocate for a transparent regulation. At his Senate hearing in July, he implored the need for a fair dealing with the crypto sector.

“In its history, the SEC has worked to preserve the trust, while our markets have grown, and continue to be developed. To do this, you must make the SEC, their rules, regulations and guidelines on the bench […]. This has proved to be the last […] in the advent of new investments and technologies, such as the Initial Coin Offerings and the Blockchain“,

the 37-year-old Republican, said in the U.S. Senate.

Roisman: SEC needs to create regulatory clarity

But most of all it is necessary to create in the face of these “new challenges” to investors and markets with clarity. In particular, existing laws need to be enforced.

In addition, under stitch Roisman at the hearing, the need for a speedy change in the external action of the authority:

“The perception is that the markets against the Small conspired. I think it is important that the SEC is proceeding against this idea“,

so the from the US state of Maine master by the end of a business lawyer. This was last seen as a commitment to the crypto sector.

Political power struggle in the SEC

With its catchment in the SEC Elad Roisman brings not only his open attitude towards crypto-currencies in the sometimes understaffed authorities line. He shuffles in front of all the cards of the political struggles within the securities and markets. So Roisman could prevail in the future, together with the Republican advocate of Hester Peirce and the independent Chairman Jay Clayton, a crypto-friendly attitude in the five-member governing body of the authority.

In addition, the next change in the personnel carousel in the SEC is about to back in December. Then the so far crypto-currencies in a critical set Democrat Kara Stein from the management apparatus is eliminated. To US President, Trump a successor is nominated and confirmed by the Senate, then a Republican-dominated, crypto-friendly camp, the fortunes of the authority. This could be for the crypto-regulation of the Republicans as a useful Momentum.

Trump should decide in December against already as the successor to traded Democrat, Allison Lee, and for a Republican, could also move the balance of party influence in the long term from the balance – and, therefore, crypto-currencies and financial products such as Bitcoin ETFs potentially open the door.

Often tried, always failed – Brings Roisman fresh Wind in the ETF debate?

Today the new balance of power brings a fresh Wind in the authority. First of all the confirmation Roismans is likely to fuel the hopes of a soon coming Bitcoin ETF. At the beginning of July, the stock exchange Supervisory authority had rejected announced a relaxation of rules for ETFs, so that appropriate speculation triggered, so far, however, the appropriate listing applications.

Under the so-called Exchange-Traded Funds refers to stock market investments related to the value development of a share index such as the DAX or the Dow Jones. ETFs allow for it so instead of investing in individual stocks in all the markets, such as the Bitcoin rate.

While so far, again and again, providers are trying to the conception of such to the Bitcoin exchange rate-linked derivative, failed, sometimes, all of the applications on the resistance of the US authorities.

With the advent Roismans could turn this sheet now. Investors strabismus already on the 30. September. Here’s the next ETF-decision-is – a opportunity, the new balance of power in the supervision of securities show for the first Time.

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