Tomorrowlandgangers death by watervergiftiging

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TREE – The cause of death of two female visitors of dance festival Tomorrowland last July in the Belgian Tree is still drug-related. That leaves the Antwerp public prosecutor to the VRT.

The women would be after the use of ecstasy is unwell. They were admitted to the hospital, where they later died. Initially it was denied that drugs are a role would have played.

According to the experts, the women died of a watervergiftiging, caused by the use of ecstasy in combination with the warm temperatures. Both of these victims did not have the Belgian nationality. One woman was Indian, another woman Czech.

By taking ecstasy is a hormone is created that a ‘water holding’ effect. By the combination of ecstasy, sweating in the heat and the dancing by the two women and excessive water drinking.

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