‘The netherlands has supported terrorist group in Syria’

One of the Syrian groups, the funds received from the Dutch government, the Dutch court as a terrorist, but did support our neighbors. The warriors were among the other wagons and uniforms. But there was not enough oversight of what the rebels exactly implement it.

This appears from the revelations of the newspaper Trouw and the tv program NOS Nieuwsuur. The netherlands supported between 2015 and the beginning of this month a total of 22 ‘moderate’ groups opposed to the Syrian regime to fight through them “non-lethal” goods to be delivered. But now it seems that Jabhat al-Shamiya, one of those groups that ‘salafistisch and jihadist’ and ‘aims to support the creation of a caliphate’.

The case came to light because one of the fighters later this month for the Dutch court to appear for membership of a terrorist group. The public prosecutor called Jabhat al-Shamiya’s no ‘a criminal organisation with terrorist intent’ in place of a movement that opposed the Syrian government.

That the group he was part of Dutch state aid received, makes the matter extremely complicated.

Inadequate supervision

The ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed last week in a letter to the Second Chamber that there is insufficient supervision was made on what the fighters to exactly implement it. Therefore the aid scheme was also discontinued. The letter came only after the ministry was informed of the upcoming revelations of Nieuwsuur and Fidelity.


The netherlands would be to the rebels pick-uptrucks have provided, of the type Isuzu D-max and Toyota Hilux. According to Nieuwsuur, there are images found, which show how such wagons by the jihadists are equipped with machine guns. However, it is not certain that the same cars are given by the Netherlands are provided. In addition, given the jihadists also laptops, phones, backpacks, and cameras.

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