Seven injured after stabbing in Paris

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Seven people Sunday evening in Paris injured, including four seriously wounded, after she is attacked by a man who was armed with a knife and an iron rod. The suspect is arrested. That, say various sources.

The facts were something for 23 hours in the 19th arrondissement, in the north of Paris, on the Canal de l’ourcq, at walking distance from the brussels north station. A source close to the investigation says that the man different strangers on the street attacked with a knife.

Seven persons were thereby injured, four seriously, including two British tourists, says the police source. A witness is in shock, say witnesses. According to the newspaper Le Parisien would be one of the British tourists hit in the chest, while the other is in the head stabbed.

“There are no indications have been found that it is a terrorist act’, says a source to the news agency AFP. A source close to the investigation says the suspect ‘on the first face of Afghan nationality.” The anticriminaliteitsbrigade (BAC) grabbed the man, says a police source.

In the district are two MK2 cinema is located on both banks of the Canal de l’ourcq. A security guard of one of the cinema’s, who saw how the incident ended, said that the man first, different persons had attacked. Two other men were sitting him then go after him. “He had an iron rod attached and threw it at his pursuers. Then he took a knife over, ” he said to a journalist of AFP.

The investigation into the attempted murder is in the hands of the second district of the judicial police.


A 28-year-old witness, Youssef Najah, said to Le Parisien that ‘twenty people, the perpetrator chased’. “They threw petanqueballen to him. Four of the five balls hit the man on the head, but that was not enough for him to stop, ” says the witness.

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