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Riders are delighted with world cup selection:“has to move along and then at the end of all or nothing play”

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Tim Wellens and Tiesj Benoot, along with Dylan Teuns and Greg Van Avermaet, the Belgian priorities for the world CHAMPIONSHIP road race in Innsbruck on 30 september. The duo of Lotto Soudal realizes that a rash drive on the race is no easy feat, but pulling them with ambition in the direction of Austria.


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“Of the four team leaders, I am, in theory, the one in the Belgian selection that the longest should wait,” says Wellens. “Tiesj Benoot and Dylan Teuns can be previously in the final attack. Greg Van Avermaet is our joker. With this quartet, we have a strong selection to deep in the finals to play. The other four riders will definitely have their role to play in the run-up to the final.”

“There awaits us a very difficult trail in Innsbruck. It is a matter of as long as possible to follow and at the end everything or nothing to play”, says the Observer. “I think that the decision will fall on the supersteile slothelling, a climb that we only have one time to fight back. The ascent in the local round, we seven times have to travel, is a runner, but by the succession of climbs is also debilitating. It is a matter to be as fresh as possible, at the foot of the final climb to come. Followed by a technical descent to the finish. I hope in the form of my life in Innsbruck.”

Benoot: “do Not wait until the last climb”

In contrast to Wellens gets Tiesj Benoot is using the Vuelta to be ready for the world cup. “At this moment it is a little refrain after my crash in the Tour de France. I hope that the rest day today and the time trial tomorrow my body have to recover,” he explains. “We get here in the Vuelta, a very tricky course dished up, with plenty of vertical metres. It is also a hard course, a situation in which you are training difficult to simulate. Hopefully I can in the coming weeks, and so also on the world cup, reap the benefits of this Vuelta.”

“As Belgians, we should not wait until the last climb to take action, we must already has to move along”, says the winner of Strade Bianchi. “To know what my exact role will be, I’ll have to wait and see how I feel after the Vuelta, feel, and function thereof will be determined how I the world cup will need to address. I’m already hoping for supercompensation after the Vuelta.”

Van Avermaet: “Ourselves, certainly not to the absolute favourite exclamations”

“I am very satisfied, it is always an honor to be selected for your country,” responded Greg Van Avermaet. “I think the selection of Kevin very well, we have opportunities on the trail, but are certainly not well-liked. Wellens can certainly such a course, Benoot and Teuns can be also called a final drive. But we ourselves are certainly not well-liked exclamations. We will see how the course runs and then see what tactic we use.”

“The selection is already a good mix of young and experienced riders, with maybe some surprises but over the last one or two names will always be discussed. But I think the selection is well balanced. Everyone will be very motivated, a very good result to bring home.”

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