Radio 1-stars to guest on This, the news was

Lara Rense

Other guests this season include, among others, tv presenter Rose Moggré (7 October), historian Rob de Wijk (23 september) and the cabaretduo Van der Laan & Woe (14 October).

The satirical program, and returned at the end of last year after a short trip when the sales people return to the Public Broadcaster. Broadcast lawyer and member of parliament Theo Hiddema led to a riot because he lit a cigarette. The NVWA announced an investigation, but undertook, in the end, berispende steps.

The teamcaptains this season Jan Jaap van der Wal and Peter Pannekoek. The presenter Harm Edens, who since 1996 holds.

The first episode Sunday night drew 744.000 viewers.

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