Palestinians keen to close the Palestinian mission in Washington

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The United States have decided to have the office of the Palestinian liberation organisation (PLO) in Washington to close. That says Palestinian responsible Saëb Erekat, the number two of the PLO, in a written statement. He decries a “dangerous escalation” in the American retaliation.

Palestinian authorities have confirmed that the government-Trump intends to make the Palestinian mission in Washington to close. That had The Washington Post and Reuters news agency previously reported, after a draft of a speech by national security advisor John Bolton were able to access. According to the Palestinians it is a another proof that the US in peace negotiations with Israel sticks in the wheels is sticking.

“We will take the necessary measures to have the rights to protect our citizens in the United States life, to their consular authorities to be able to appeal,’ said Erekat in a statement. “This dangerous escalation shows that the United States prepared for the international system to terminate to the Israeli crimes and attacks on the country and the people of Palestine, and on the peace and security in the rest of our region.’

Frozen relationships

Last weekend made the American ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the $ 25 million in aid for the Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem would be deleted. A week earlier sounded that the US is their financial support to the organization for Palestinian refugees of the United Nations (UNRWA) stopped. The united nations organisation, of which the Americans are the biggest lenders were, supports in the Gaza strip, around 5 million people with food aid, and manages 275 schools and 22 health centres.

The international community considers the PLO of the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas as the organization that the Palestinian people represents. The PLO coordinates the Palestinian Authority. They froze the relations with the US since the unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital by Washington in december 2017.

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