Olivia Newton-John has re-cancer

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Actress and singer Olivia Newton-John for the third time, affected by cancer. The ‘Grease’icon defeated breast cancer two decades ago, but last year announced that the disease had returned was. Even then, restored them, until they are last month two talks had to cancel. Initially denied her publicist that the rumors that the disease was opgeflakkerd, but in an Australian tv interview revealed Newton-John yesterday that doctors a new tumor on her spine discovered.

She revealed also that she is secretly against the disease had fought in 2013, when doctors a tumor was found in her shoulder. They chose then to take the news to not make it public, until yesterday.

Newton-John has since chemotherapy to be her last to treat tumor. She also makes use of natural resources, such as medical marijuana by her husband John Easterling is grown, to her pain.

“I believe that I also this cancer will be overcome, that is my goal,” said Newton-John, the next week 70. The actress has just finished a book in which she talks about her previous battles with cancer.

She was in 1992 for the first time diagnosed with breast cancer.

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