Lady Gaga sees herself back in the Ally

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In A Star is Born plays the singer in the role of a young singer/songwriter on the verge of breaking the state

Lady Gaga sees a lot of himself back in the Ally, the character that she plays in A Star Is Born. That said, the singer and actress in Toronto, just before the premiere of her first feature film. On the red carpet, she was even a bit emotional, according to Variety.

In A Star Is Born play Lady Gaga Ally, a novice singer/songwriter. “I see so much of my younger self back in her,” said the star. “I didn’t believe in myself, and thought that I was ugly. At school I was a lot bullied.” She also told me that those negative feelings disappeared when she went singing and acting. “That was a way for me to all the pain and indignities to escape.”

Bradley Cooper is her opponent in A Star Is Born. He plays the role of the well-to-do musician who Ally believes, and her mentor is. Between Lady Gaga and Bradley was all for the recordings, a great band. “I heard his incredible voice and was immediately sold,” she says about her opponent. The two entered into a sort of pact and believed in each other’s talents.

A Star Is Born is from October in the cinemas to see.

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