John Legend confirms: “Kanye West really wants to be president”

b04ea38834b13b8412deec35b0b7c26b - John Legend confirms: "Kanye West really wants to be president"

According to the American soulzanger John Legend was Kanye West’s “serious” about his intentions to be president of the USA. Legend told during the podcast ‘Dan Wootton Interview’ that the rapper him “several times” has said that he is interested to be a candidate.

West showed in the past already understand that in 2024, the White House wanted to move where he sort of campaign posters posted on his twitter. Those posts are now deleted, but this weekend showed West once again his ambitions appear to be: “2024”, tweeted he.

In the podcast, says Legend, inter alia, that the West is serious when he says that he president wants to be: “I think that he as an independent would come up, he has me never told for which party he stand for election would allow. But he told me multiple times that he is presidential candidate wanted to be.”

“I think part of that his sympathy for Trump declares,” sounded the still. “He recognizes some aspects of themselves in Trump and when he Trump saw win, he realized that he also had a chance.”

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