Jean-Claude Van Damme honored in Ostend

3df94e685febcd181fb75b21b4b2deab - Jean-Claude Van Damme honored in Ostend

Van Damme is guest of honour at the film festival of Ostend, where he is the movie Lukas is promoting. Luke is a French thriller. The actor plays the lead role. He must penetrate a dangerous Dutch organization. It is his last chance to get the custody of his eight-year-old daughter not to lose. Flemish actors Kevin Smith and Sam Louwyck also play in the film.

The Belgian retractor muscle can played previously in numerous action films, which not rarely resulted in absolute blockbusters. A lot of fans were present for the hollywood star to cheer. A fan was just a bit too excited and was adopted by the security removed. After the unveiling of the star left From Damme to the red carpet of the movie theater where Luke is being screened.

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