James Van Der Beek calls for another description of miscarriage

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The term implies that the lose of a child is the fault of the mother, the actor

Actor James Van Der Beek wants to be a another word for miscarriage. Together with his wife Kimberly, he has, in the course of the years, three experienced.

The former star of the series Dawson’s Creek was in June, for the fifth time, father. In a candid post on Instagram this past weekend, he revealed that Kimberly before Gwendolyn was born, for the third time a miscarriage had had.

In his post, wrote James that there is a new word coined for miscarriage. He thinks that the word implies that the loss of an unborn child is the fault of the mother. “As if she has something to drop, or not worn,” writes the actor.

“From what I have learned, in all but the most obvious, extreme cases, it has nothing to do with anything the mother has or has not done.”

Then he shared details about how the sad and expectant parents feel if their child lose. “It is painful and heartbreaking on levels deeper than you’ve ever experienced”, he lets his followers know.

“Lots of couples go after that fun, beautiful, healthy babies,” continues James.

James and Kimberly married in 2010. In addition to Gwendolyn is the family of Emilia (2), Annabel Leah (4), Joshua (6) and the seven-year-old Olivia.

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