In the Netherlands the devil’s own hand, Redbad next week in USA

9fb70b9b7b236ec3b5a4669c8b3df4ac - In the Netherlands the devil's own hand, Redbad next week in USA

The film tells about the Frisian hero Radboud (Gijs Naber), which in the early middle ages with the help of the Vikings struggle waged against the christians, who their faith with a firm hand upon the low countries.

Other leading roles are played by Lisa Smit, Egbert Jan Weeber, Loes Haverkort, Derek de Lint, Martijn Fischer and Aus Greidanus sr.

Redbad is currently running in Dutch cinemas. The reactions were mixed. The film is next week also screened at the Belgian festival of Ostend. That’s what the film in competition.

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