Igmar Felicia kicks evening shows with fanweek

66ee8c2ef5ce8100d72c971d66d18c94 - Igmar Felicia kicks evening shows with fanweek

“I’m really as excited to be back to my own tv show,” continues Igmar. “I’m from Monday to Thursday, to hear. The other days I can focus on online – and tv-work, both for Qmusic for example, if RTL and Concentrate. A beautiful combination.”

Igmar, that Tuesday, 28, gets a fun week ahead of us. In his first four shows comes under the heading of Igmars Fanweek every day someone along who the dj fan is or was in the past. Igmar will get yourself only an hour in advance to hearing who the guest of that day.

Igmar made last year, the transition from SLAM! to Qmusic. Last year, he was next to Mattie Valk and Fien Vermeulen to hear in the morning.

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