Hiddink: “A single handicap in golf gives more stress’

Guus Hiddink in action on the golf course.

As well as in injury time Dick Advocaat, who is about to get started in FC Utrecht, Hiddink’s men from the football difficult to resist.

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“If every day I go golfing, I’m a player with a single disability and that just adds more stress. If you are over par you played, you have the next day to win again to get your single handicap to keep”, jokes the golf enthusiast.

“It is certainly the case that football continues to attract. Working with young people gives me a lot of energy. As long as I from my direct environment no signals that it really can’t and I don’t get weggekeken, I remain open to this kind of projects.”

In which also the dynamics of China as a land of almost unlimited possibilities Hiddink appeals. “China wants, also as voetballand is going to manifest itself. In the first instance, they did that by irresponsible transferbedragen, but there you will see a change in. Simultaneously, they have a few very good things done. So should each team have a maximum of three foreigners in the team and it entails that there are also three Chinese players under 23 in the clash.”

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“In addition, it is introduced that, for each transferbedrag of over five million euros that clubs spend the same amount must be issued for the development of Chinese youth football. As a club, a player of fifteen million euros want to buy, they are 25 million euros, because ten million euro should be paid to talent development.”

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