Glennis choose ballad with high notes and saves a cross

215644d1c83a9831b99a7f7b103e7953 - Glennis choose ballad with high notes and saves a cross

In the semi-finals of AGT is going to Glennis, there are certainly some high notes throw

“With ballads score I apparently well, and in high notes is my strength.” The title of the song she may not yet divulge. “But it is a song that my peers know well”, she gives as a hint.

The last day and a half for its action consists mainly of rehearsing. “You have only ninety seconds to prove yourself,” she explains. “You can’t leave it to chance. Every detail is in advance conceived and practiced.” Nerves feels Glennis. “That’s only five minutes in advance. Then suddenly you realize what you will be doing and how many people are watching. Until that time, I am actually pretty relaxed.”

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Rituals, the Amsterdam not before they should. “Sometimes I skip a cross, that gives me a reassuring feeling.” Further, it is her secret to getting a lot of rest. “Save yourself and your voice a little bit. Sleep enough, and make sure your vitamins intake. Luckily I have a wonderful husband that are all very good at watching.” About her chances she dares to say nothing. “But if you are so close, you of course want to do so in the final end up.”

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