Get Out director wants to remake Candyman make

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Jordan Peele with his Oscar for best screenplay for Get Out

Candyman is one of the most famous books of the writer Clive Barker. The story is about the spirit of a dark artist who in the late nineteenth century were slaughtered because he was a white girl pregnant. His hand was chopped off and he was stabbed to death by thousands of bees. The story was previously filmed in 1992 with the actor Tony Todd in the lead role.

Get Out was about a black teenager who for the first time goes to visit his white parents-in-law. From the first moment he feels that something is wrong. The film, which is both by Peele written and directed, received four Oscarnominaties, one of which (best scenario) was redeemed.

Peele also produced BlacKkKlansman, the film by Spike Lee, who currently draws sold-out audiences in the cinemas. The comedy tells the true story of a black FBI agent who in the seventies managed to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan.

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