’German teenagers wanted to become pregnant girl is dead”

166de155120d242991394bf99c54cd64 - ’German teenagers wanted to become pregnant girl is dead"

DUISBURG – The German authorities have four teenagers from Duisburg held after an alleged assassination attempt on a pregnant girl (17). One of the boys apparently prevent that he father would be, said a prosecutor.

The young woman escaped last week, narrowly escaping a group of masked attackers. They crossed her with a knife. The victim was able to tear yourself away and flee. The authorities arrested later four boys of 15, 16 and 17 years old.

Justice suspects that the ex-boyfriend of the victim, the mastermind is behind the attack. He would be the victim in the fall have attracted. The attackers struck while the duo, walking, supposedly to the unborn child talking. When turned the father against the mother of his child.

The sixteen year old boy, that both the German and the Turkish nationality, the girl had been threatened. They should not tell anyone that he was the father.

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