Danie Bles never want to own fashion brand

d6736a74219907b2baa1f3e98a9ebe1b - Danie Bles never want to own fashion brand

“As if my family and I no longer had to eat,” says Danie in The Financieele Dagblad. “Everywhere I went, sounded a hubbub. It was as if I was naked, through the mud, had to run. Terrible.”

The bankruptcy, meanwhile, two years ago, We now processed. Because they simply freely with friends and associates about could talk. “That has the processing certainly accelerated. Of course it was a terrible time, but I did not want to miss.”

“There are always new opportunities, I know now”, is Danie, today, organizer of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. “Even if the people, if necessary, nasty things have to whisper behind my back. But its own brand of clothing in the beginning, I never more.”

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