Chance of extreme weather Sint-Maarten, Saba, Sint-Eustatius

AMSTERDAM – Sint-Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius have this week to take into account extreme weather conditions. Weeronline reports that hurricane Isaac, according to most of the computing on Thursday or Friday, about the Windward Islands attracts.

The exact course and speed of Isaac is still uncertain.

The exact course and speed of Isaac is still uncertain, but St. Maarten, Saba and Sint Eustatius should prepare for very strong winds, lots of rain and high waves to the coast, according to Weeronline. In addition, wind speeds of 120 to 150 kilometers per hour and gusts of 140 to 180 kilometers per hour. There may be hundreds of millimeters of rain and at the shore are waves of 3 to 6 metres possible.

More than a year ago, it was Sint-Maarten severely affected by the hurricane Irma. A lot of houses and a large part of the infrastructure were the destructive forces of nature destroyed.

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