‘Call Me by Your Name’ will get a sequel, says actor

8e96bc50aeef9cf908cbbc37e03b15db - 'Call Me by Your Name' will get a sequel, says actor

It makes the day more likely that the success of the movie ‘Call Me by Your Name’ a sequel. The film was released in the fall of 2017 only, but according to one of the protagonists is already working on a sequel worked on. That report entertainmentmagazine Variety.

Who’s hoping that a sequel comes on ‘Call Me by Your Name’, that earlier this year a Oscar knew the way to hijack for best adapted script, may look forward to a nice surprise. That told Armie Hammer, who in the original film one of the lead roles performed, to Variety. “It’s going to happen because there are already people and they try to make it happen,” says the actor.

“More than anything I trust artistic director André Aciman and the people who are the first time so well have done,’ Hammer continued. “The only thing I want to see, is that it happens. I want to do it again. I miss the whole crew. It was such a special time.”

Hammer is not the first that the hope of a follow-up movie to the fans do flare up. Director Luca Guadagnino announced last week at the Venice film festival is already on IndieWire that he “ideas to the neerkrabbelen” was for a sequel.

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