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American media giant will resign after accusations of sexual abuse

Leslie Moonves, the ceo of the large American radio and television network CBS, has with immediate effect resigned after a wave of new allegations of sexual abuse.

Moonves, who since 2006 was head of the American radio and televisiereus, get on now, a further six women accuse him in the American magazine The New Yorker. In June, already had six women announced that they had to deal with unwanted touching and physical harassment and were forced to oral sex. Moonves would – rejection – have tried to careers of the women to damage.

The six new charges took place between 1980 and the early 2000s. Moonves denied in a response to all the allegations. ‘False accusations, decades ago, to focus me now on the merits, while they are not in line with who I am. With immediate effect, stop I as chairman and ceo of CBS.’ Moonves was up to The New Yorker to know that three of those meetings effective have occurred, but that the women had permission given.

Moonves, 68, will receive a severance payment of about $ 100 million, or about 86 million euro. The CBS was, however, already known that the company a portion of that money, 20 million dollars (or 17 million euros), will donate to different organizations that the #MeToo-motion to support.

Joseph Ianniello take for the time being, his place as ceo.

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