Alec Baldwin: ’So remains marriage Hailey and Justin are good’

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin spend time together

“Be together to be together”, says his wisdom. “People who are young get married and they are very young – one of them I want that they just spend time together” said a 60-year-old actor to eTalk. Justin is 24 and Hailey 21; they became engaged in July after years of knipperlichtrelatie and are expected to be in 2019 are going to get married.

Itself married Baldwin only on his 35th for the first time with actress Kim Basinger. The relationship lasted seven years, after two years, this separation was official after a long voogdijstrijd over their daughter Ireland. Six years ago he left after a few relationships once again tied the knot with Hilaria, with whom he has four children.

Alec Baldwin now knows with Hilaria exactly how it should

“My wife and I have four children in four and a half years. In everything I do now at work, is my family the starting point. There are films that I get offered which I was five weeks out of town should, without that I my wife and children can bring, because that is not in the budget. So I say no, because I don’t want to leave my family. And I hope that Hailey and Justin are that realize: if you have a successful marriage want, you should be together.”

His ex-wife Kim Basinger revealed recently also who the bridesmaids on the big day: their daughter Ireland and Hailey’s sister Alaia,. Alec loved on the other hand, the lips continue to be stiff on each other about the wedding. “I know nothing, I don’t know any details.”

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