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Alderweireld: “It is a victory that I have for Tottenham back in the team hit’m”

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Toby Alderweireld is back. After a strong world cup in Russia, the Red Devil also with his club Tottenham Hotspur back in the team. “That is a victory for me,” he said on the eve of the UEFA Nations League-opener in and against Iceland.

Tuesday the Red Devils in their UEFA Nations League campaign in the top division of Europe. But also England, the Netherlands, Spain, France or Germany are drawn can be had, the Belgians with a trip to Iceland. Not an easy opponent, but also no topaffiche. “I’m not disappointed that we are in Iceland to play while there is also England-Spain, France-Germany, etc,” said Alderweireld. “If I’m disappointed, that would be underestimating mean. And that we should absolutely not do. We need such matches to play.”

However, were the Icelanders in Switzerland, a heavy 6-0 to the ears. The Red Devils playing soccer again, whistling to a 0-4-demonstration on the field of Scotland. “We also know, however, that Iceland, in Switzerland an offday has had,” said Alderweireld. “It is tomorrow, a very tricky contest. We will top. We would not be the first country that here to lose.”

The defender is especially on the alert for Gylfi Sigurdsson. “I know Sigurdsson is very good. He played with me at Tottenham and he has a good shot. He is probably the best in the team of the Icelanders.

Turbulent period for Tottenham

Alderweireld has been on clubvlak a turbulent time in her. His team Tottenham Hotspur should he not play because he has no contract extension to sign. Last summer he became, however, not way, but since this season he got just in the basis with the Spurs. “That is a victory for me,” said the Red Devil. “The world cup was good and I had planned to work hard and my grades show it. So I am again in the team hit. For me it was no disappointment that I can’t transfer I made. I wanted to not necessarily the way.”

Also on privévlak runs smoothly for the defender, who only became a father. “I now walk on clouds by the birth of my daughter, Ayla, that is certainly. But I’m also glad I joined the Red Devils can play a role. It is so in all fields.”

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