Again stabbing in Paris

PARIS/LYON – A man has Monday in the centre of Paris, a postman and another passers-by with a pair of scissors attacked. The police captured him, eventually, with the help of a taserpistool. On the motives of the attacker is still nothing published.

The same applies for a man of Afghan origin, which is Sunday evening in Paris, people on the street instak. People were eight injured, including four seriously injured. The police did nothing about his possible motives said. According to bystanders, he made a dazed or drugged impression, reported French media.

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Great commotion was there Monday also in Lyon. The airport of the third city of France was startled by a fleeing motorist. The man withdrew to a control on a highway east of Lyon, and drove to the site of the airport Lyon-Saint-Exupéry. He knew chased by the police, the jobs intended for aircraft to reach. He is overpowered and arrested. For the police check is the air traffic for some time to shut down.

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