What does Gérard Depardieu in North Korea on jubileumdag?

Gërard Depardieu

Journalists found the iconic French actor in a hotel for tourists. It is not known whether he participates in the activities that the Day of the Founding of the Republic is celebrated; a huge military parade, big parades, and possibly the return of massaspelen.

Visibly irritated that he was noticed, refused to Gérard Depardieu, the journalists, writes The Telegraph. “I don’t want journalists”, he responded in front of the camera. BFM TV also knew a French friend of the actor to identify, Yann Moix, a writer and an editor in radio and tv with strong opinions.


Oliver Shiza NK News showed on twitter know that Depardieu refused but one photo. A member of his crew would Hothan threatened with ’a bad time’ when he kept probing about why he was in North Korea. Hothan knew only a selfie of the actor to obtain through a friend of a member of a Turkish delegation.

Of Depardieu is well-known that he is a friend of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, reports The Telegraph. The famous actor, who in about 170 films played, in June, he received a erkentelijkheidsmedaille of the city of Brussels during the Brussels International film Festival – the French-Russian nationality. Recently he came in the news because he was accused of rape. This he has denied. The French justice is investigating the case.

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