US to scrap aid for Palestinian hospitals

The American president Donald Trump has $ 25 million in aid for the Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem have deleted. That has the American ministry of Foreign Affairs reported.

The decision comes after the United States last week have already announced their financial support to the organization for Palestinian refugees of the United Nations (UNRWA) to stop.

“The president had ordered the American aid to the Palestinian Authority and the West Bank and the Gaza strip, in order to determine what funds are issued in accordance with the American national interests’, said a spokesman of the ministry. ‘As a result of that review, at the request of the president, we will have approximately $ 25 million initially intended for the hospital network in East Jerusalem, otherwise use. The funds will go to projects elsewhere, with a high priority.’

The Palestinian liberation organisation (PLO) has the decision already been convicted. She speaks of “political blackmail” and says that the measure is contrary to ‘human decency and morality’. “The vital funds for the hospitals in East Jerusalem, the deletion threatens the American government instability, trigger and thousands of Palestinian patients to harm’, says the.

Last week, the US all of their support to the UNRWA should completely delete. The united nations organisation, of which the Americans are the biggest lenders were, supports in the Gaza strip, around 5 million people with food aid, controls 275 schools and 22 health centres.

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