Tropical storm Florence is now hurricane

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MIAMI – tropical storm Florence is Sunday on the Atlantic Ocean so rapidly increased in strength that there is now there is a hurricane with wind speeds of 120 kilometers per hour. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami are expected Florence the next 24 hours and into a hurricane of category 3 or higher.

“Now make advance plans”, advised governor Henry McMaster, the population of South Carolina during a press conference. “Imagine that a heavy storm South Carolina is full in the middle touches.” The prediction is that Florence will be at the end of the week, Thursday or Friday on the Us east coast on land, and for a lot of trouble. Also the inhabitants of North Carolina and Virginia, are in danger.

The meteorologists of the NHC track further away on the ocean two stormgebieden. Isaac stirs as possible, also Sunday is already up to hurricane force and races towards the Caribbean.

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