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The new Professor T. or an ode to Burt Reynolds

277891d6a342363a9841c8f5493bfd00 - The new Professor T. or an ode to Burt Reynolds

The hard zondagprogrammatie on VRT pull themselves back on course for the autumn, but those who prefer to watch a film, can choose between two machos: Bond or this week died Burt Reynolds

1. PROFESSOR T. – One 21.25-22.20 pm

The third season of this successful zondagavondreeks begins for the main character in the prison. It provides here is one impressive and beautifully choreographed scene. Ella Leyers do in the meantime.

2. CALM YOU MAY SAVE One 20.30-21.25 hours

Also for Tom Lenaerts is the school holidays, done. He comes back with the third season of his quiz. The ingredients remain the same: stress, jokes and moderately difficult questions.

3. THE SEVENTH DAY One 11.00-13.00

That Lisbeth Imbo would return to VRT, there is now so much to do, that we like to announce when exactly they return. So today.

4. CASINO ROYALE – VTM 20.35-23.25 hours

James Bond’s assignment as secret agent 007 leads him to Le Chiffre, the banker of global terrorism. The film, based on Ian Flemings book from 1953, meant that in 2006 a reboot for the Bond franchise and was the first with Daniel Craig.

5. SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT – CAZ 20.40-22.20 pm

Who never James Bond played, was the this week died Burt Reynolds. He got the role yet, but thanked him for the honor: “An American James Bond can’t play’. So they chose to CAZ but for the popular actiekomedie Smokey and the bandit to the man with the pornosnor to honor.

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