Speeddates ensure tears, butterflies, and difficult choices

5f04225a1f852ee43f73e2f3d0d6209e - Speeddates ensure tears, butterflies, and difficult choices

It has a lot of feet in the earth had to the farmers to choose from the mass of letters that she received, but after a lot of reading and piekerwerk, they are from there anyway. On Monday, september 10, Jan, Jitse, Manu, Jeroen and Bjorn their romantic quest further. A nerve-racking day, because… they go speeddaten. 5 minutes to make a good impression. More women have not. But the same is true for the farmers, because they have to in real life, of course, in the taste of fall, if they want a woman her life in Belgium, eventually leaving to go to Australia, Norway, South Africa, Germany or Canada to pull.

The speeddates for the necessary voltage to the farmers. 10 women, 5 minutes of quality time, and 5 women which ultimately can be chosen to work together on a groepsdate to go.

“Has anyone a defibrillator?” asks Jan, who is extremely distressed he gets the women only have time to walk. And Jeroen is still as awestruck by his coup de foudre Severien?

Farmer Seeks Woman Around The World, Monday at 20.35 on VTM.

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