Police: Man in Köthen death by heart attack

KÖTHEN – The 22-year-old man in the Eastern German city of Köthen, after a quarrel, died, according to the police succumbed to a heart attack. This is apparent from the preliminary sectierapport. The acute heart failure has “no direct causal connection with the injury received,” says the communication from the commissioner of the district of Saxony-Anhalt, Eastern.

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Two Afghans of 18 and 20 years are held. The youngest is suspected of inflicting dangerous bodily injury. The public prosecutor thinks that his two-year older compatriot, the fight has started and, possible assault with death resulting charges.

The victim of the nocturnal conflict in a children’s playground was a German. According to the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, he had a heart condition and a medical history.

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