Masha and the Bear on tour in Flanders

Masha and the Bear on tour in Flanders

The hugely popular children’s series ‘Masha and the Bear ” has a own film and a tv series on Netflix & Ketnet is now also a private familiemusical! This winter, the little ones visit different venues in Flanders to the magic itself of close. The beautiful piece of puppet theatre, the colourful decorations, the cheerful singalong songs and the heart-warming story of ” Masha and the Bear LIVE! an unforgettable theater experience for the whole family.

The award-winning animated series is based on a popular Russian fairy tale where already millions of children have fun to experienced. The series has been running since 2009 and was in 25 languages and broadcast in 100 countries. On YouTube has almost every episode of “Masha and the Bear” millions of views.

The story
Masha is a cheerful, little girl and her best friend is… a big brown bear! Bear has finally found peace, but his naughty girl next door Masha can’t have a second to sit still. Also now they come along with Bear and her famous friends turn up in an amazing adventure.

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