Marijn Devalck is solidarity with fellow actors

02cf72a132ff4538f1d3c11413acda08 - Marijn Devalck is solidarity with fellow actors

As previously known was a fourth film FC De Kampioenen. Marijn Devalck that the role of Balthasar Boma played had however indicated that he would no longer play a role in that film. For Marijn seemed to be the story after the third film and he wanted to together with o.a. Carry Goossens in beauty to say goodbye. That final scene of The Champions in their previous day seemed to him the ideal end. After phone calls from An Swartenbroekx and director Jan Verheyen decided the actor who Boma plays anyway but to re-play out of solidarity, he says in the TV Family. On the Facebook page of the film is that She has a starring role in the film, but the actor himself says that he is the match from the touchline and therefore a small roll.
More and more details of the scenario become known. The Champions remain in your own country. There are two new bad guys in the story, and the denouement will take place during the Aalst carnival.

Still, nice of Marijn Devalck that his friends will not let you down.

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