Leicester binds sterkhouder Maguire to mid-2023

Harry Maguire

The defender of the English team extended Sunday his contract with The Foxes, where he is now until mid-2023. The now 25-year-old Maguire came last season from Hull City, and knew at Leicester such a good year, that coach Gareth Southgate took him to the world cup in Russia.

Scoring against Sweden

England reached the finals to the semi-final and Maguire played all seven matches with the Three Lions. In the quarterfinals against Sweden opened Maguire the score with a header from a corner. England won that duel was eventually 2-0.

The central defender, who Saturday night with a 2-1 lost to Spain, and raised his game in the interest of Manchester United. To a transfer to Old Trafford came this summer, however, are not, and with the enhanced commitment of Maguire in Leicester will be the club’s coach José Mourinho a lot in the pouch to erode as the defender in the next transfer still wants to bind.

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