Kim let long-range missiles at home

5a3124c0db313c426b976f046c6d014b - Kim let long-range missiles at home

SEOUL – With a large military parade has North Korea on Sunday celebrated the Democratic people’s Republic of Korea, as the country is officially called, seventy years.

The parade was watched by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

According to foreign media during the parade, no long-range missiles shown. Tests with this intercontinental missiles, which may be the American mainland could reach, were the reason that the tense relationship between the US and North Korea last year further deteriorated.

Both countries have, however, with advances sought, although the talks on denuclearization over to sit.

North Korea was formed on 9 september 1948. At that time, was in Korea for three years split into a southern and northern half after the Japanese occupation during the Second world War was terminated.

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