’Kanye West is serious about the presidency’

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Kanye West at New York Fashion Week

Kanye already has a few times said that he aspires to someday be president of the United States. “He has multiple times said. I think he seriously is,” says Legend. “I also think that one of the reasons why he Trump may. He sees aspects of himself in Trump and because Trump has won, he has the feeling that it is also possible for him.”

Last summer ran the tension still high between John and Kanye because West publicly Trump supports. Legend reminded the rapper in a series of private messages to the effect that he has on a lot of people and what that means for them as he was behind a president remains that is not always the best seem to have with minorities. Kanye threw these messages then on his Twitter. “I was shocked that he had posted, but I’m proud of everything I have said and I am still behind everything I have said.”

In 2015, it said Kanye for the first time, that president, he wanted to be. When he promised even in 2020 campaign. Later shifted to 2024. At the beginning of this month, said the rapper in a radio show on Power 92 Chicago that the 100 percent it could happen in 2024. “If I decide to do, it’s going to happen. I’m going to try it.” And Saturday tweeted Kanye is still only the number ’2024’, which again a lot of speculation.

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