Kane cracks Makkelie after tumultuous day

Harry Kane lifts the finger in the direction of Danny Makkelie.

“Whether the goal should count? Yes, one hundred percent”, is captained Harry Kane is clearly opposite to Sky Sports. The captain saw up close how Makkelie the 2-2 Danny Welbeck cancelled, because he’s Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea would have hindered.

Wrong decision

“At such moments, you have a referee is needed who is strong in his shoes, someone who has no wrong decisions under pressure,” continued Kane, “Danny just stood there when The Gea air in jump. He fell on Danny and let the ball loose, there was no violation.”

It was for England during this interlandperiode the only race in the Nations League. Spain, that by the 2-1 victory at Wembley at the top, the Tuesday against Croatia. The vice-world champion was not yet in action.

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