Johnson: May explains bomgordel to UK

170c50de5107f30346b852937e115ce7 - Johnson: May explains bomgordel to UK

LONDON – Boris Johnson still has no good word to say about the brexitbeleid of the British prime minister, Theresa May. The former minister of Foreign Affairs went there in an article in the Mail on Sunday with two outstretched legs in by writing that the government May “a bomgordel has laid around the constitution of the United Kingdom and the igniter has handed over to (EU negotiator) Michael Barnier.”

Johnson speaks with respect of the negotiations with the EU of a “semi-masochistic relationship” and calls it a “humiliation of us is exposed to persistent political blackmail.” Brussels determines, according to Johnson, the rules and the UK has only to accept. “We look like a di of less than 50 pounds comical in the knot is placed by a gorilla of £ 500.”

His words fell badly with many Conservatives. Secretary of state Alan Duncan said that Johnson’s criticism “one of the most horrible moments in modern British politics” marks. He predicted that this “political end” means of Johnson, even though this ambition May follow. Other Tories fear especially a further split in the party.

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