’Home Mac Miller wiped clean after drugsfeestje’

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Mac Miller

Police sources tell TMZ that there’s only a small amount of ’white powder’ was found during a search warrant after the death of the rapper in his home in California. “The house may be wiped clean.” There was searched to bottles for pills and other items for drug use, but the search yielded nothing.

It seemed in short, in nothing that there is a drugsfeestje had taken place, but nonetheless, the police suspect that the gang has been up to, especially given the use of the drug that is known to him. It seems to them not logical that someone who has a fatal dose, in advance of himself, the house cleans the bottles and accessories. In addition, there were both Thursday – as Friday night, many people in the house of Mac, exactly around the time that someone calls to the emergency number called.

’Cozy evening’

On the basis of interviews with witnesses show that no one the rapper Friday-day living has seen. A source from the music industry told People, however, that he and his friends American Football was watching. “He was a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers from his home town and simply had a fun evening with friends where they have the competition looking on.” The favorite team of the rapper played or not Thursday night, it was the opening game of the season. According to them, was therefore, extra sharp Mac Miller died. “It was just a pleasant friendly evening.”

Mac Miller was Friday stillborn in the house found after a friend in the emergency number had called.

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