Exciting vote in Sweden

The Swedes can withdraw Sunday, from 8 hours to vote a new parliament to choose.

Polls predict a neck-to-neck race between the ruling centre-left bloc (social democrats, Green and Left) and the center-right opposition Conservatives, Centrumpartij, Liberals and christian-Democrats), each with about forty percent of the votes.

Neither of the two blocks, according to the polls a majority of opportunities in the 349 seats storey parliament. The reason is the strong rise of the right-populist Swedish Democrats (SD), which is up almost 18 percent of the votes.

Election issue: immigration

Immigration was also the main theme in the election campaign. During the vluchtelingencrisis of 2015, Sweden has 163.000 asylum seekers are received proportionally the most of all EU countries. The SD, which has only since 2010 in the Swedish parliament sits, and in the previous elections are stemmenaantal saw double, is going to be less immigrants into the country.

The Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven (social democrat) warned Saturday for extremism and fascism in Sweden. According to the head of government is a voice on SD are ‘dangerous’ and ‘counter-productive’. ‘It is like a fire, extinguish with alcohol’, was it on the news site Omni.

Also climate

In addition, immigration was also a climate an item during the election campaign, especially after the hot summer, and many forest fires in Sweden. About 25,000 hectares got destroyed and many farmers had their animals to finish because of the drought. The Swedish Greens struggle with internal scandals, but would now more voters can be seduced.

The social democrats of prime minister Löfven heading according to the polls at 25 percent of the votes, immediately the worst result since 1917. The Conservatives (Moderaterna), Ulf Kristersson as a figurehead, would beaches at 17.2 percent, which makes the SD the second largest party would be. They would like to be part of the next government, but the other parties were defined with the SD to want to govern.

The polling stations open at 8 am and close again at 20 hours. In total, approximately 7.4 million voting Sweden were called upon to cast their vote. In addition to a new parliament to choose they are also new county – and city councils.

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