Dutch minister to remain had to go into hiding after threats

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The Dutch secretary of state Mark Harbers is so seriously threatened in the case of two Armenian teenagers, who would be turned off, that he has to go into hiding. That reports The Telegraph.

The case of the Armenian teenagers Howick and Lili, that Saturday, the Netherlands would be turned off, the tempers by our Neighbors high. The two came in 2008 with their Armenian mother (which has since been to Armenia, is turned off) to the Netherlands, when they were still toddlers. She grew up in the Netherlands – in the meantime, they are 12 and 13 years of age and speak less than Armenian. Saturday they would be on the plane to Armenia, but the ministry of Justice and Security, turned the decision to expulsion Saturday morning at the last minute back: the welfare and safety of the children would not more can be sufficiently guaranteed, was the explanation.

Meanwhile, get more details known about the whole affair. Reports RTL News that the mother of the two with suicide threatened was after a court in the Netherlands Friday had determined that the expulsion of the children should be placed. The Telegraph know that secretary of state Mark Harbers seriously threatened. Last week, when the Harbers have said the planned expansion is set to continue, were those threats apparently so serious that it was decided that the secretary of state and his partner elsewhere. On the nature of the threats, no statements made, nor from what angle they are coming from. With clamp is undisputed that the threats to his decision have affected to the eleventh hour, the expansion to Armenia does not.

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