D66-leader Pechtold is under pressure by the love affair

Alexander Pechtold, leader of the Dutch party D66, is coming under increasing pressure as a result of a love affair which, in recent days the media by our neighbors dominated. The confidence of the voters in Iran and in his party bags getting further and further away, is evident from the youngest poll by Maurice De Hond.

This week did an ex of Announced in the weekly magazine Private a book open about her relationship with the D66-leader. The woman in question, the 36-year-old Anne Lok, stepped in as the D66-city councillor in Ottawa. “He threatens karaktermoord on me to commit me as unstable and disturbed way to convert”, it motivated her departure in a letter to the mayor.

The case was the last few days wide spread in the media, but at the top of the party remained silent. According to deputy prime minister Kajsa Ollongren goes for a privékwestie. At the base lives the fear that D66 will suffer the affair.

From the youngest poll by Maurice de Hond shows on Sunday that Iran of all political groups the lowest (6,1) scores in his constituency. Most of the other leaders get a score with their voters between 7 and 8. When Iran is still in the opposition there was (between 2006 and 2017), was among the three best performing presidents.

The Dog is also asked questions about politicians and their privacy. Of the surveyed voters is 43 percent which is what a politician private do outside of the advertising should continue. The D66-voters will find even two-thirds that. But more than half of the respondents find that now the affair of Iran in the open, is come, he text and explanation would need to give.

Also, the number of seats of the Dutch political party D66 is the lowest in eight years, according to the poll. If there are now elections would be, the party eleven seats, just like the CDA. For the christian democrats is the lowest score in six years. The coalition would amount to 55 seats. At this time, VVD, D66, CDA and christenunie (Christianunion) a narrow majority of 76 seats in the Dutch Second Chamber.

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