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Crypto-exchange-Coinbase wants to be important, such as the NYSE

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Crypto-exchange-Coinbase wants to be important, such as the NYSE

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Matthias Nemack –
9 Sunday in 2018

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is one of the most important stock exchanges in the world. The cryptographic stock exchange, Coinbase is talking to in own area of work, the counterpart to the NYSE, is therefore an ambitious goal.

100 % growth of the workforce since the beginning of 2018

From the company’s location in San Francisco, Coinbase has reached as the operator of the successful platform for the crypto-trade an impressive growth within a few years. The most recent reports for the fiscal year 2018 showed that the provider has achieved an important expansion target. What is meant here is a number of 500 employees that are already working for the company. This workforce growth was the aim, according to Management statements from the February 2018, actually, only at the end of the year.

New products and markets, allow for constant growth

That Coinbase can now tick off this goal much earlier, is primarily due to further product developments and the expansion of the portfolio. For example, it was recently announced that Coinbase attracts the introduction of a Bitcoin ETFs in recital. In addition, the company wants to be in the future in the Japanese market. To the Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has announced that the crypto market in a comparable leadership role, such as the New York stock exchange (NYSE), sounds ambitious at first glance.

Regulation by the SEC as a clear stage of the destination

The growth of the market, but and, not least, the growing interest of many companies on the Blockchain technology could ensure that Coinbase could get given the previous business results have a similar meaning. A part of the strategy is to be a full regulation by the US Supervisory authority SEC, which would like to reach the Coinbase Management in the interest of its customers. Background the regulation is, among other things, that Coinbase has faced in the recent past, with the criticism of many customers. Users had submitted to the SEC’s extensive complaints. Coinbase take the reported problems seriously and is currently building a new office, which should assume, in particular, the topics of customer service and Compliance.

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