Cesar Zuiderwijk: ’A dream come true!’

Cesar Zuiderwijk with 2000 drummers on the beach of Scheveningen.

The 2000 musicians played the two-hour piece of music Four Horizons, that Zuiderwijk specially wrote for the massaconcert. The occasion was the celebration of the tweehonderdjarig existence of Scheveningen as a seaside resort, organised by the Party To the Sea.

“With the enthusiasm of 2000 drummers, we have this crazy production can drop. I wanted the act of 1992, with a thousand drummers at the Maas, exceed. That is more than successful. I am megatrots on all participants, from young to old, amateur to pro! And everyone who has made possible superdankbaar. Drumming is a rhythm to stimulate and I hope that this concert to the thousands of visitors has inspired,” says Zuiderwijk.


Anyone with drumming experience, from within and abroad, could sign up for the event. The percussionists were classified into four ’continents’ and played on European and American drums, or snare drums, Japanese taiko and tom-toms, Brazilian sambadrums and congas or African djembés.

Carla Sleebos (almost 85) and the famous drummer John Engels (83) were the elders who sign up for the drumconcert had given, the youngest was Julian (6) from Belgium.

Zuiderwijk, that to tears, hoping for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

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